Friday, May 24, 2013

Modelling Memories: Small kits

Back when I started modelling, there was not alot of choices, or that I did not know alot about the choices.  Availability was thought as to what was on the hobby store shelves.  Today with the internet, the hobby has become global, with lots of choices from around the world.

Well, back then, I used to love Matchbox kits, a small (1/76 scale) vehicle that came with its own little display diorama.  Well recently I came across a few of these old kits, and thought why not build one, again.

For the age of the kit, the moldings are pretty decent, with a little flash that will need to be cleaned.  So I started the build, it was alot of fun, and went together rather quickly.  Nothing special about the kit, just a little plastic model.

With a little weathering, these old Matchbox kits built into a decent looking model, with suprising details.  And of course, what would a Matchbox tank be with out it's diorama base.  While molded in plain plastic, a little extra bits can dress it up, and you will have a model you would be proud to display.

Modelling is all about fun, next time you are in the hobby store, or looking through your stash, pull out a model that will bring back some memories of your early modeling career, and have a little fun.

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