Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter 2016 - On the bench

Well we are into the heart of winter, at least here in Canada, holidays long gone, and looking forward to spring.  I have had the time to work on a few things at the bench, and as always, enjoy the time I get at the bench.

One kit I have been really looking forward to is the Formation Ram II OP Conversion.  This kit uses the Tamiya Early Sherman for the lower hull, and provides the resin parts for the upper hull, turret, and bits.  I am pleasantly surprised in the level of fit for this resin kit, it goes together very well.  Unfortunately the kit does not include track, and I have the Modelkasten T54E1 track, but it looks like a real bear to put together, so I am considering the Bronco track, which is a "little" easier to assemble.

Another kit on the go is the Takom Leopard 1A5/C2.  This is a very nice kit, well detailed and goes together very well, it also includes the Orochi workable track.  To achieve the NATO scheme, I rely on the Tamiya NATO colors(XF-67, XF-69, XF-69), in my opinion, and quite a few I have read, they are the best choice for NATO colors, with the NATO Green very close to the CARC Green used by Canada.

I did manage to finish the Elberus SCUD, well almost, still needs a couple of small parts added, but it was on the desk so long, I needed a break and to work on some other bits.

So I hope all are enjoying your winter, and hopefully the cold weather is giving more time at the bench.  If you have any images of what you are working on, email them to me, and I will share them with the rest of the crowd.  (Be sure to include a little description of what you are doing with the build).

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