Thursday, December 10, 2015

On the Bench - Trumpeter 9P117M1 Elbrus Scud B - Pt.6

Well starting to think this long build is getting close to the end, a couple of sprues are empty and gone, while the remaining sprues only have a few parts left on them.

Work has begun on the front cabs, and they are well detailed.  There was no issues with the fit, and the windows were masked inside and out.  The cab interiors were painted Vallejo Air Pale Green interior and details picked out with Vallejo Model colors.

On assembling the cabs after interior paint, I did have a fit issue with on cab on the front, but nothing a little Tamiya putty won't fix.

The rest of the kit is together and looking like a monster.  I have started on the rocket and cradle, and again fit is no issue.  When building the bottom part of the cradle, there are pins that need to match up to the bottom of the rocket, so I left the rocket mount un-attached to the cradle and while gluing the pins in, I mounted it to the rocket bottom to keep the pins lined up.

Also on the bottom cradle the lower PE part in the image was a little long, so I trimmed the corners to get it to fit.

Up next, finalize the front cabs, and try to get it all together.

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