Friday, February 19, 2016

Takom Leopard C2 Build

I have recently complete the Takom 1A5/C2 kit, and must say it is a rather nice kit.  The kit provides a option for both the the German version and Canadian version, with markings both, of this great tank.

The kit does build very well and the parts are well done.  I complimented the kit with a barrel, antenna set, and rear mud flaps from Leopard Workshop.  These too are nice additions, especially the mud flaps, as they are made from a rubber material, that is realistic looking.

I did shave the molded on tie downs off, and replace them with wire.

The kit was primed with Ammo by Mig primer and painted with the Tamiya Acrylic NATO colors(XF-67 NATO Green, XF-68 NATO Brown, XF-69 NATO Black).  When applying the camouflage(Brown and Black) I keep the air pressure low, and thin about 60% Tamiya thinner to paint.  Then the colors should be built up gradually.  I used AK Interactive NATO Camouflage Filter, followed by local washes of Ammo by Mig Brown for Green.   Weathering was done using Vallejo European Earth Wash and various Vallejo pigments.


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