Saturday, November 21, 2015

On the Bench - Trumpeter 9P117M1 Elbrus Scud B - Pt.4

Well work on the SCUD B continues, and I think I can see the bottom of the box.  As mentioned before, to prevent a nightmare of a masking job, I am painting the sub-assemblies as they come.

The front bumper is now attached with the headlights in, and I must say the PE headlight guards look great.

The rear stowage and compartments have been painted and added.  I am using Ammo by Mig Russian Base, and am becoming alot more comfortable with Ammo paint, to the point that I think I really like it.

The tail end sub-assembly is also together and painted, just waiting for installation.

Trumpeter has been nice enough to include decals for a lot of the control, including rear under fender control stations.

Construction has moved to the center component section, and the kit is still going together very well.  I must say, other then some ejector marks to fill, this kit from Trumpeter is great.  I might have to tackle the Smerch next, well actually stay tuned, picked up the Sherman kit I needed and I will be starting on a Ram II conversion real soon.

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  1. great work on this so far. I just bought one today and have been scouring the net for resource pictures and came across your build. I'll be tuning in for sure.
    I had a good look through the instructions and I noticed that Trumpeter include the piping for the rear but no diagram to show how it all connects. Have you got any pictures that clearly show where they go?
    I was pleasantly surprised to read your last paragraph about how well it goes together for a Trumpeter kit. I built the BR-52 and that was nothing more than an exercise in filling ejector pin marks!
    Anyway, please keep posting pics!