Saturday, November 7, 2015

On the Bench - Trumpeter 9P117M1 Elbrus Scud B - Pt.1

It is great having time back at the bench, and I have a great looking kit to get started with, the Trumpeter Scud B.  The kit comes in a big box, and with lots of parts.  Overall the quality of the parts look great, with the exception of the vinyl rubber tires that I am not a big fan of.  I have bought the E.T. Models weighted wheels and the Voyager piping set.

So after an evening full of work and some afternoon work, I finally have the most of the frame together.
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The fit is good, and there is some decent detail.

Building of the suspension does take some work, and while alot of the parts on the sprues look alike, you really need to pay attention to part numbers.  Again the fit is good, and it looks(so far) that everything is lining up really well.

Next up is building of the LARGE engine, that does almost look like a kit in itself.

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