Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Filling cavities the easy way!

Ever come across the issue of a molded part with the back open, leaving a cavity empty that just should not be there.  A normal resolution would be to cut a piece of styrene to fit, then glue it in place.  This meant some measuring, cutting, test fit, sanding, and so on.

Well I keep a bottle of Deluxe Rocket Powder on my desk.  To fill a small to medium cavity, it is just a matter of filling the cavity with the Rocket Powder and adding a drop or two of thin CA.  Since it may be difficult to get a flat even surface, I fill the cavity up leaving a small gap with the top of the cavity and after the CA dries, I use some putty(I use Tamiya) to complete the job, with a quick sand at the end.

Presto, cavity filled.

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