Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wheels on a Stick Part 1

Ever had problems painting road wheels, or even aircraft wheels.  Well, tooth picks to the rescue.  I keep a stash of tooth picks for just this reason.  Mounting your wheels on tooth picks makes the painting process so much easier.

And you don't have to keep buying them, I reuse them.  And you will notice the tape around some, I add a little Tamiya tape to the end to adjust for the hole in the wheels as needed.

Now with the wheels built, it is time to mount them.

So you can see, it is pretty easy.  You will notice that the cog wheel in this case, has a much bigger mount point, so a little blue tack solves the problem.  Now to hold them up, and keep them seperated.  I got this box at my local hobby store, but you can use a piece of foam or cardboard with holes in it.

There and we are now off to the paint shop.  One helpful hint, is I use a rubber or latex glove to hold the piece while airbrushing.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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