Sunday, May 22, 2016

Priming and Painting with Ammo by Mig

With Ammo by Mig paint being out for sometime, I am still hearing people are having issues using it, or not liking it.  I have started using it for about six months, and am very impressed with it.  I find it goes on very fine and produces a great finish.

Having just built a MiniArt T-70M, with the build review found here, I thought lets show how I used Ammo by Mig Primer and paint.

Starting with Ammo by Mig Black primer using my Iwata Eclipse, lets apply the primer.  The key to applying Ammo by Mig primer is very thin coats.  I apply the primer directly from the bottle with the airbrush pressure set to about 20 psi.

The first coat applied should be very light, barely covering the model.  This light coat will dry to the touch very quick, which will allow for more coats in the same sitting.

The next coat, again very light will start to add more primer, again it will not cover the surface completely.

Again in the same sitting, after the second coat has dried, you can start to apply more primer to start fully covering the model.

While acrylic paint and primer dries quickly, it does take some time to cure.  Before applying paint, I will give the primer on the model two days to cure.

To start the paint, I am using the Ammo by Mig Russian base, and I will apply the same way as the primer, very light coats.  With the Ammo by Mig paint, I will thin with about 40% Ammo by Mig Thinner.  I will also reduce the airbrush pressure to about 15 to 18 psi.

The first coat will be barely seen on the black primer.

Then, like how the primer was applied, I will build up the color with more very thin coats.  If I had preshaded the model, this is an excellent way to get color modulation.  But since the final color on this model will be white, I did not apply any color modulation.  But I did leave some areas with light coats to show the darkness of the black primer, while I applied more coats to the edges and tops areas to get a more green color.

Give the Ammo by Mig paint and primer a try, you might just like it.

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