Saturday, July 27, 2013

Molding Track

Ever had the issue of getting track to look weighted down, especially across the top.  Here is a little tip that might help.  When using individual links, like Dragon's Magic Track I apply a little force while the glue dries.  With Magic Track, after assembling two sections per side, then applying Testor Liquid Cement I wait about 20 minutes then put the track on the tank.  Once I am happy with the fit, I stuff a little tissue in the top to press down on the tracks to ensure the return track looks weighted down on the return rollers.

Here is an example on the T-34 that is currently on my bench.

I will get the track overnight for the glue to set hard, then remove and paint.  When the track goes back on it will look like the weight of the return track is resting on the wheels, like the real thing.  Sometimes the "spring action will keep it up after, but a little CA will solve that.

Happy Tanking.

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